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Many of the Ferrari single seaters and sports racers that won world championships were born of the imagination of Mauro Forghieri and designed by him....
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Many of the Ferrari single seaters and sports racers that won world championships were born of the imagination of Mauro Forghieri and designed by him. That was the case with the John Surtees 1964 158 F1 and the unbeatable Ts of the Lauda-Regazzoni era. The same can be said of the 250 P, the 330 P3 and P4, as well, naturally, as the 312 ‘PB’, the unquestioned protagonists among the sports racing cars of the 1960s and 1970s. The life of the outstanding Mauro Forghieri is told in this book, in which noted stories, especially those that have remained unpublished for years, intertwine in an riveting narrative, supported by a wealth of absolutely unpublished illustrations, a large portion of which come from the publisher’s archives.

Products specifications
Binding Hardbound
Pages 304
Size cm. 27x29
Colour Pictures 250
B/W Pictures 246
Publishing Date 2012
Text Italian
Author Buzzonetti Daniele
Author Forghieri Mauro
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Finally available, “Formula 1 & Monza” is a significant work recounting two realities – the Monza Autodromo and Formula 1 – that have always been inextricably linked by a single celebrated event: the Italian Grand Prix. From back in 1948, when the World Championship had yet to be born, Monza was welcoming cars from the “blue ribbon formula” to the track winding through the Royal Park. This long and fascinating story of drivers and races, of tears and joy, is told in a rich volume presenting through rare and spectacular photos both the racing and the human side that has always been such a feature of the Italian Grand Prix. Featuring in the first part of the book are the over 60 editions of the race while in the second the story is developed with a series of portraits of those drivers whose name has become associated with the history of the Autodromo and those teams that have written unforgettable chapters in the history of motorsport on the Monza track. Adding further depth are chapters on the boundless passion of the Monza crowd – such a major part of the history of this race - the evolution of the circuit, the Autodromo as a film set or a privileged setting for long test sessions or an incomparable stage for the many VIPs who have always populated the paddock and pits. Tracing the history of the one and only authentic “Temple of Speed” is Enrico Mapelli, a Monza journalist and a great expert in the history of the Autodromo past and present. His story is illustrated with around 900 colour and black and white photographs, many previously unpublished and most drawn from the publisher’s own archives (specifically the collections of the photographers Erminio Ferranti, Danilo Recalcati and Franco Villani) or from other professional photographers who gravitated around the circuit.
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ALFA ROMEO TZ-TZ2 Nate per vincere

Having left motor racing in the early ‘50s – at least officially – Alfa Romeo returned to the sport once again at the start of the following decade due to the commitment and enthusiasm of Autodelta. This Alfa offshoot distinguished itself by preparing and racing about 30 of the manufacturer’s different cars that really did make history. Among them, the Giulia TZ holds a place at the head of the crowd. It had a 1.5-litre, 113 hp engine from the Giulia SS, front and rear suspension of modern conception, disc brakes and an especially bold body shaped by Zagato on a modern tubular chassis. Those were the strong points of this car, which scored results of absolute prestige in its brief career at Sebring, in the Targa Florio, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Tour de France. Vito Witting da Prato, already the author of a meticulously written book on the Alfa Romeo SZ, covers the winning, human, technical and sporting factors of this unforgettable car in a monumental work. A book which, to the precise text and painstaking historical reconstruction, has been added illustrations of previously unpublished pictures and technical designs by Autodelta, plus all the results of the “Tubular Zagato” from 1963 to 1968.
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CARROZZIERI ITALIANI I Maestri dello stile

For more than a half century Italian body builders were the leaders of world style, generating creativity, a trend towards innovation and an ability of execution that appears super-human today. The aesthetic values and technology expressed by their work transmitted Italian culture and genius across the globe. Their creations were multiplied in millions of examples, influencing taste and trends in car design, among other things, in every corner of the world. But in spite of the dimensions and importance of their work, the Italian body stylists were often undervalued. This book brings together the profiles of 58 stylists in the history of Italian car design: they include Allemano, Bertone, Castagna, Ghia, Pininfarina, Touring, Vignale and Zagato. The story of each one of them is told through the extraordinary wealth of their iconographic patrimony, most of which have never been published. The body stylists appearing in this book are: Accossato, Ala d’Oro, Allemano, Balbo, Bertone, Boano, Boneschi, Brianza, CA.SA.RO., Canta, Caprera, Castagna, Colli, Coggiola, Coriasco, Ellena, Eurostyle, Faina, Fantuzzi, Filacchione, Fissore, Fona, Fontana, Francis Lombardi, Frua, Garavini, Ghia, I.D.E.A., ItalDesign, Lotti, Maggiora, Mantelli, Marazzi, Mazzanti, Meteor, Michelotti, Monterosa, Montescani, Monviso, Morelli, Moretti, Motto, OSI, Ostuni, Pininfarina, Riva, Savio, Sala, Scaglietti, Scioneri, Siata, Sibona, Sports Cars, Stabilimenti Farina, Touring, Vignale, Viotti, Zagato.
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During the early 1930s, a form of motor transport for goods was introduced that was derived from the motorcycle, fitted with three wheels. That’s how the three-wheel van phenomenon began, an economical, practical and untiring vehicle that covered the roads of Italy from the uneasy self-government years to those of extensive economic development. With over 700 illustrations – all of them carefully selected originals from the periods concerned – the vehicles are compared in this book manufacturer by manufacturer, year by year, telling the history of the stylistic and technical evolution of this means of transport. Over one hundred manufacturers are listed all over the Twentieth Century.
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