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Lancia Stratos 50

Signed by the author.
Manufacturer: Elzeviro Editrice
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The book contains a rich collection of photographs, some of which have never been published before, enriched with texts about the drivers and the cars, the races and the rallies.

It is one of the most exciting stories of motorsport car development - from the beginnings as just a project to the stories with the Ferrari Dino engine up to the breathtaking successes of the first rally car.

Expert author Biasioli has accompanied the sport at close always with his camera at the ready, providing wonderful material.

This is how the collection of facts and anecdotes, portraits and reports, richly illustrated with pictures of ratherunknown variants, came into being, a tribute to the Lancia Stratos in the year of its 50s birthday.

Products specifications
Author Biasioli Antonio
Publishing Date 2021
Text Italian
Binding Hardbound
Pages 268
Photos centinaia COL e B/N
Size cm. 28x32

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