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The ultimate guide of the ’Lightweight’ Land Rover. Many previously unpublished facts and figures. Includes prototype and pre-production vehicles, Ser...
Manufacturer: Pierluigi Ducci Editore
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The ultimate guide of the ’Lightweight’ Land Rover. Many previously unpublished facts and figures. Includes prototype and pre-production vehicles, Series IIA and 3 models, and foreign services variants. A must have for the military Land Rover enthusiast and a superb owners reference.

Products specifications
Binding Softbound
Pages 314
Size cm. 21x30
Colour Pictures 350
Publishing Date 2014
Text Italian
Text English
Author Lencioni Claudio
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Innocenti is famous all over in the world mainly for having produced the Lambretta, one of the most popular means of transport of the Fifties and Sixties. But we cannot forget all the beautiful and important cars produced in this Italian factory, In this well illustrated volume the complete technical and well illustrated story.


A new title in the historic Nada catalogue series, this time on the Volkswagen Golf, a cult car. The models under the microscope are the classics, those of the first series, including the variants like the Van, Caddy, Rabbit, Cabriolet and right through to the South African Golf Citi, which was a German first series Golf produced until just a few years ago. The catalogue’s layout is the traditional one, with period photographic material and an organisation of chapters on the different models – as well as a brief guide to restoring the cars and their critical points.
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The book retraces seventy years history of the brand through all main aspects, photos and original documents of the best models: Quadrilette, 161, 161E, 172, 5HP, 402 Andreau, 402 B Legere, Currency Cotal, Darl’mat: 302, 402, 203 , 403 coupe, 104 ZS, 104 ZS2, 505 Turbo injection. included models codes, upholstery and color tables.

LAND ROVER. Serie "Le vetture che hanno fatto la storia"

The Land Rover was conceived by the Rover Company back in 1948 as an answer to the famous Willys Jeep, which was used throughout the Second World War. The Land Rover soon became an institution and an ambassadress of the British automotive industry across the world. Almost immediately, the potential of this small and agile multi-use vehicle was recognised and the groups of its users spread to the military, fire services, fuel companies; in practice to anyone who needed to go off-road. It didn’t take long for the success of the Land Rover to develop and diversify into numerous versions, bringing to life an entire family of variants, after which many body builders created even more special series, often single examples. Land Rover was able to save itself from the serious crisis that hit the British motor industry in the ‘70s, evolving through to today with the Range Rover and the Defender family vehicles. There was no way such important vehicles couldn’t be in our series on the “Vehicles that made History” in a book that covers the genesis of the Willys Jeep to the various series that have spelt out the production of this legendary vehicle, including all the military versions and those built overseas.
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