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All the vehicles of the German border police. A photographic collection of all cars and trucks from the main makes, used by the army in its 50 years life: Auto Union, Bmw, Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Porsche, VW, Borgward, Hanomag, Magirus, Unimog, etc…


In 2014 the Carabinieri, one of the top corps in the Italian armed forces, will celebrate its 200th anniversary. Theirs is a story of great achievements in both the civil and military fields; one of great men and, of course, the most diverse means of transport of the corps in these first two centuries of its history. There has never been a book published that focuses on this subject, one that covers the history of Carabinieri transport from the horse to the automobile. Written by an authoritative student of the sector, Giuseppe Thellung di Courtelary, the book catalogues and conducts a census of the most diverse vehicles: from the first Fiat cars and trucks of the start of the 20th century to the models that became part of four-wheel history, like the Fiat 500 C Coloniale, the Campagnola and Alfa Romeo “Matta” right through to the more recent Alfa Romeo 75, 155 and 156, looking in on unforgettable icons like the Giulia and Alfetta on the way. This monumental work is completed by the various on/off road and safety vehicles used by the corps over the last century. All the historic and modern photographic material for this book has been made available by the Carabinieri archives in Rome.
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