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The fantastic epoch of American automobiles is narrated and illustrated in this detailed and fascinating book, in which all the cars’ grandeur explodes, showing the strange reality of the personalised versions built in both small workshops and the hotrods. The work gives an exclusive historic and technical panoramic view of 218 cars, among them the most beloved of the people of the New World, who have lived the automobile phenomenon in a much different form in relation to those that fire the enthusiasm of the impassioned people of Italy and the rest of Europe. The book also includes detailed technical specifications, production data and in-depth evaluation of each of these models.

Products specifications
ISBN 978887911455/
Binding Hardbound
Pages 448
Size cm. 31x22
Photos hundreds COL & B/W
Publishing Date 2008
Text Italian
Author Cheetham Craig
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In an alphabetical order, starting from A for Abarth up to V for Vico, all sport and prototype rear-engined two-seaters produced in Italy from 1958 to 1977.
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“A four-wheeled platform with an umbrella on top”, designed for customers who live in the French countryside, who needed two seats with their cargo of products to sell at the market. That is how Citroën conceived the car that became famous for its robustness and reliability, which undertook incredible tasks throughout the world, even achieved motor sport success and was able to transcend the history of the car and social trends. Seventy years after the 2CV’s introduction, this book enables readers to live once more the successful career of this grand utility vehicle, which was able to go way beyond its original role as a car of the people to become a symbol, a standard bearer for more than a generation, a consecrated myth of practicality and, perhaps, a legend on four wheels. More than a car, a way of life.
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This book illustrates the history of the truck at a world level from its origins until today with the help of over 1,000 photographs in colour and black and white and technical specifications for each model. A must for truck lovers and in general for vehicle enthusiasts, this work traces the ups and downs that led to the first truck to today’s giants of the road with engines of over 1,000 hp, including racers and show trucks. In this book, readers will also find manufacturers forgotten over time such as Autocar, Brockway, Henschel, Krupp, Kaelble, Pegaso, Robur, Saurer and White as well as Asian and Russian producers, among them Fuso, Hino, Kamaz and ZIl, which are increasingly gaining ground in the international market currently dominated by the Europeans and Americans.
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