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MANDELLO DELIRIUM: La Città dei Motori

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“”Marrying a motorcycle, binding one's destiny to a brand, it so happened that my life was intertwined with the Moto Guzzi brand. Not love at first sight, not something predestined, but an inexorable getting to know each other, as happens in the best couples. So, how can you resist the charm of an Italian factory that has made history? How can you not wish to own the motorcycle that has an eagle with outstretched wings as a symbol? Thus, thirty-six years spent with a Guzzi, 190.000 kilometers traveled, half of Europe beaten, up to the legendary North Cape, dozens of international rallies without ever betraying me, without ever leaving me on the road. 

At the end, in this book I tell my love story: the one between a man and his motorcycle””.


Products specifications
Author Zonta Stefano
Publishing Date 2021
Text Italian
Binding Softbound
Pages 298
B/W Pictures 15
Size cm. 15x21
ISBN 9788832237771
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