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Scopo di questo volume è spiegare com’è fatta l’automobile a partire dai fondamenti, fino ad arrivare alle innovazioni introdotte nelle auto moderne. ...
Manufacturer: Sandit Libri
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Publisher: Sandit

Publishing Date: 2010
Binding: Softbound
Text: Italian
Pages: 496
Size: cm.17x24
B/W Pictures: illustrations
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Binding Softbound
Pages 496
Size cm.17x24
B/W Pictures foto e disegni
Publishing Date 2010
Text Italian
Author Scullino Davide
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Fondamenti di autronica aggiornata e applicata per gli attuali motori a benzina - diesel veloci e principali apparari di bordo dei veicoli leggeri ad uso di professionisti, studenti, appassionati del settore automotive.


Faces, lives, stories that come together in one unique passion: rallying. Like a film, this book attempts to stop the most significant moments in the lives of a number of Italian drivers who became part of the speciality’s history between the ‘50s and the end of the ‘70s. Not biographies, but real slices of their lives, told by people who are great sportsmen and human beings; those who left an important mark on the sport, in some cases long forgotten. Villoresi, Cella, Patria, Cavallari, Giunti, Ceccato, Barbasio, Carello, Pinto, De Adamich, Ballestrieri, Pregliasco, Pianta, Montezemolo, Tony Fassina, Verini, right up to the man who became a legend, the very symbol of rallying itself, Sandro Munari. Those are just some of the names in this real anthology, a work that brings together the feats of 60 stars who left their indelible mark on the history of rallying.
Gianti Simoni, the long time navigator of Arnaldo Cavallari, collaborated on the book.
The story will continue with a book to be published in 2014, featuring other Italian drivers who competed from the ‘80s until today among whom there will be Vudafieri, Zanussi, Bettega, Tabaton, Tognana and Miki Biasion.
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VITE DI CORSA Incontri in pista con piloti, manager, astronauti, cantanti, gente strana

Why Vite di corsa (racing lives)? Because this book is not a novel but a rather serious narrative of meetings, many of them taking place within or through the motor racing environment, where the stars are “transient” as they speed across the most diverse of years. Captains of industry, racing drivers, managers, designers, musicians, even an astronaut and a footballer are among the most famous people the author has met during F1 Grand Prix days. He has delved deeply into a number of such people, others less so, but he has always received a powerful impact that has generated highly personal sensations and considerations. So here is a wide-ranging selection of great names seen up close, as rarely happens, with all their strength, charisma and weaknesses. A picture of a special world, exclusive, sometimes able to transmit unexpected sentiments. The people the author has selected as the stars of this book are: Gianni Agnelli, Giovannino Agnelli, Jean Alesi, Mario Andretti, Flavio Briatore, Mario e Vittorio Cecchi Gori, Pete Conrad, Gian Paolo Dallara, Bernie Ecclestone, Enzo Ferrari, Mauro Forghieri, Lewis Hamilton, George Harrison, James Hunt, Niki Lauda, Joe Macaluso, Diego Armando Maradona, Sergio Marchionne, Carlos Menem, Sandro Munari, Alessandro Onassis, Clay Regazzoni, Cesare Romiti, Ayrton Senna, Sebastian Vettel, Gilles Villeneuve and Jacques Villeneuve
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