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The 8th issue of the magazine Miniauto&Collectors celebrates the thirty anniversary of an extraordinary Italian car: the Lancia Stratos, designed in t...
Manufacturer: Giorgio Nada Editore
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The 8th issue of the magazine Miniauto&Collectors celebrates the thirty anniversary of an extraordinary Italian car: the Lancia Stratos, designed in the Seventies by Bertone. The Ford T Lizzie is the protagonist of the “History” section while in “Autofocus” is examined the charming story of the Volkswagens built by Karmann-Ghia. For the big screen fans the “Collection” part is dedicated to the most famous cars appeared in movies and become miniatures. And yet, all the most interesting news of the international panorama. Back issues available.

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Binding Softbound
Pages 64
Size cm. 23x30
Colour Pictures 300
Publishing Date 2003
Text Italian
Text English
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A must to have book for sport enthusiasts.

OBRIGADO AYRTON edizione italiana

A tribute to this unforgettable ace of the steering-wheel. A memory full of emotion, experienced through the inedited and most spectacular images of his unequalled career.

Attention! The cover is damaged

SENNA & IMOLA Una storia nella storia/A story within a story - COPIA FIRMATA DALL’AUTORE! / SIGNED COPY BY THE AUTHOR!

The first title in a series born of collaboration between Giorgio Nada Editore and the Imola Autodrome, which will see a series of books appear over time, devoted to the Italian track. This bi-lingual book has as the object the story of Ayrton at Imola, a circuit at which the Brazilian competed from 1984 to 1994, winning on three occasions and starting from pole eight times. To bring to life a work that really is new, the author has interviewed a racing driver, a journalist or a well-known personality covering each year in which Ayrton competed in the Imola GP from 1984 to 1994, people who knew Senna in a specific year’s race. In order of appearance in the book, those who talk about Ayrton are:

  • 1984 – Johnny Cecotto, his teammate at Toleman

  • 1985 – Angelo Parrilla, owner of the DAP kart company, the first with which Ayrton raced

  • 1986 – Gian Carlo Minardi, the Formula 1 team manager
1987 – Alberto Sabbatini, the current editor of Autosprint

  • 1988 – Pino Allievi – journalist and long-standing writer for Italian daily La Gazzetta dello Sport
1989 – Cesare Maria Mannucci, the widely experienced motor sport journalist

  • 1990 – Pierluigi Martini, racing driver

  • 1991 – Carlo Cavicchi, ex-editor of Autosprint
1992 – Giorgio Serra alias “Matitaccia”, the illustrator

  • – Alessandro Zanardi, racing driver
1994 – Mario Poltronieri, the historic voice of Formula 1 for Italian broadcaster RAI.

    The volume closes with a section on the three days there from 1-3 May 2014 that took place to mark the 20th anniversary of Ayrton’s death, commemorated on the Imola track.



    An event as significant for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts as the reopening of the marque’s historic museum at Arese - held on 24 June 2015, the day on which Alfa celebrates its 105th anniversary -could hardly not be celebrated with a book. The official catalogue of the new museum represents an opportunity to review the history of the marque and above all to accompany the reader/visitor around the new exhibition layout in which the cars have been thematically grouped and subdivided. The glorious racing cars (from the P2 to the 33 in all their variants, through to the less successful cars that competed in F1) are brought together under the section VELOCITA’ introduced by Alfa Romeo driver Nino Vaccarella, while cars such as the 1759, 8C 2900, 6C 2500, 1900, Giulietta and Alfetta, along with the most recent production models, illustrate the most important episodes in the Biscione’s industrial history in the TIMELINE section - introduced by American journalist Nick Czap. The section BELLEZZA - introduced by designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti, head of Style for the Fiat Group for years - focuses on the undisputed protagonists being cars such as the 33 Stradale, the Carabo and the Nuvola, milestones in the evolution of automotive styling. A specific chapter also features all those models that do not appear in the exhibition. The catalogue is therefore an indispensable instrument for all those visiting this authentic temple of history, technology and culture.
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