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Paolo Rampini is one of the greatest Italian collectors of miniature cars. He is the author of this prestigious book which intends to give the reader ...
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Paolo Rampini is one of the greatest Italian collectors of miniature cars. He is the author of this prestigious book which intends to give the reader a complete and detailed history of the models produced in Italy in the past century. The volume is a photographic catalogue, rich in colour illustrations reproducing miniature cars in all scales; from the rarest models built in few copies in the early 1900, up to the recent massive production. Very helpful to the collector is also the listing of each model with sale price.

Condition of the book: good inside but the cover is slightly damaged.

Products specifications
Binding Hardbound
Pages 112
Size cm. 21x30
Colour Pictures 124
Publishing Date 2003
Text Italian
Text English
Author Rampini Paolo
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