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MOMO ITALY 50 YEARS 1964-2014

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Man, racing driver, entrepreneur. Three terms that well describe Gianpiero Moretti, creator of Momo half a century ago, a company of Italian excellence in the production of steering wheels, racing suits and car components from 1964 to today. The historic marque decided to celebrate this important anniversary with a book that covers the salient stages of its development and consolidation, as well as Moretti’s long and prestigious motor racing career. The company’s association with Ferrari dates back to the ‘60s, when the Prancing Horse adopted Momo steering wheels for Formula 1; the prolific IMSA experience, first with the Porsche 935 and then the Ferrari 333 SP, to its current involvement in the official Momo team. Then there was the far-reaching production of steering wheels and rims for production cars and the lively, colourful advertising campaigns that branded half a century of communications. Those are just some of the chapters that comprise this book, born of close collaboration with the company.



"For those with a true interest in the history of racing, this book provides a nice insight from the supporting industry. For the car enthusiast proud of having Momo parts equipped on their cars, this book will fuel their passion."

by CarArtSpot

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Binding Hardbound
Pages 200
Size cm. 27x29
Photos COL e B/N
Publishing Date 2014
Text Italian
Text English
Author Donnini Mario
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May 2005 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Alberto Ascari and July the 80th year since his father, Antonio, lost his life in a fatal accident. Alberto was the last Italian driver to win the Formula One World Championship, which he did in 1952 and repeated the feat a year later, driving Ferraris. A tragic yet banal accident at Monza on 26 May 1955 brought Alberto Ascari’s life and career to an abrupt halt, during which he had first raced motorcycles and then cars for Maserati, Ferrari and, finally, Lancia. His father Antonio was a motor racing ace and a star of the 1924 and 1925 seasons at the wheel of the Alfa Romeo P2, in which he died at Montlhéry during the Grand Prix of France Cesare De Agostini, who had already written a biography on the two Ascaris back in 1968, has reconstructed their dramatic story with the help of new and much deeper research and gives us another, particularly absorbing portrait of the two personalities. Illustration research, which produced over 200 pictures and documents, is by Gianni Cancellieri, as is the meticulously assembled list of the two champions’ racing results. Cancellieri has also compiled a similar list of the motor racing results for the book recorded by Alberto’s son and Antonio’s grandson, Tonino. He competed in a number of minor races in the Sixties with some creditable placings, before retiring from the sport in which his father and grandfather were such stars.
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