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MOTO GUZZI 100 ANNI I modelli che hanno fatto la storia

Manufacturer: Giorgio Nada Editore
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1921-2021. One hundred years of motorcycle production is a milestone few companies around the world can boast: Moto Guzzi is one of them.
The objective of this book is to trace the fundamental episodes in the company history, with a selection of the most significant road-going, off-road, racing and prototype models. A book in which the story of the firm founded at Mandello del Lario, and still today operating out of the original factory, intertwines with the technological evolution of the bikes that, thanks to the talents of Carlo Guzzi, Giulio Cesare Carcano, Lino Tonti and many other valid designers, have marked a century of motorcycling history. The Normale, the first of the line, the Norge, with its flexible frame, the pre-war racers that succeeded in clinching the Tourist Trophy, the fabulous eight-cylinders, the unforgettable V7 of the 1960s – with that powertrain architecture that has remained intact through to the present day – and on to further more recent icons are all featured here.
The description of each model features a contextual historical overview, a brief technical file and invaluable archive images and specially commissioned photos. There are also fascinating profiles on riders, technological features and figures from the world of Guzzi. An authentic almanac providing a convenient overview of the history of one of the motorcycling world’s most prestigious marques.

Products specifications
Author Daudo Franco
Publishing Date 2021
Text Italian
Binding Hardbound
Pages 192
Size cm. 26x25
ISBN 9788879118262
Colour Pictures 404
B/W Pictures 79
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