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Why is Moto Guzzi the best loved Italian motorcycle manufacturer among collectors and enthusiasts of the two-wheeled world? And why is Carlo Guzzi considered an innovator in the world of the motorcycle? And how did the sensational racing bikes designed by Giulio Cesare Carcano and his assistants come to dominate the sport in the 1950s? Leafing through this book, readers will find not solely an introduction to the “Guzzi phenomenon”, but also an explanation to why, after almost a century, the Eagle of Mandello continues to fly. Part of the secret is having always remained true to itself, never foregoing certain fundamental motifs: the single-cylinder horizontal engine that with its beat lent a rhythm to the first fifty years of its history and the later V-twin that still today, in various displacements and fitted to a broad range of models, continues to set the enthusiast’s pulse racing. This authentic almanac of the historic marque from Mandello del Lario was first published in 2011 and has now been updated with the most recent Guzzi models: from the latest versions of the Stelvio to the California 1400 Touring, from the V7 II (2015) to the V7 III (2017), by way of the Audace, the Eldorado, the V9 Roamer and the futuristic MGX-21. All the latest jewels in a never-ending story. The book includes a systematic catalogue of all the Moto Guzzi models, complete with technical specifications and historic and modern photos.

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Publishing Date 2018
Text Italian
Binding Hardbound
Pages 448
Photos centinaia COL e B/N
Size cm. 20x20
ISBN 9788879117234
Author Colombo Mario
Author Daudo Franco
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A completely new edition in graphics and updated in content of the MV Agusta story by Mario Colombo and Roberto Patrignani to mark MV’s 70th anniversary in 2015, all told in two different sections: in the first part are the human, technical, industrial and sports stories. In the second is the systematic cataloguing of all the MV Agusta road and racing models, including all the versions of the latest F4 and F3. Hundreds of pictures in black and white and colour enrich the book, in the creation of which Massimo Chierici has contributed to the most recent part.


This is the story of the rear-engined Volkswagen Transporter, the Beetle’s faithful road companion of which it was given the mechanics. Created from an ingenious idea sketched out in a diary, the Transporter came into the world at a crucial moment: the years of reconstruction after a disastrous Second World War. People needed everything; the economy had to get going again. So an inexpensive vehicle was needed to help recovery along: Volkswagen’s Transporter was the right answer at the right time. Produced in many different versions, the Bulli, nickname of the first model with divided rear windows was able to meet the needs of shopkeepers, artisans, holiday operators and even large families to become a mobile box. The vehicle’s versatility was proverbial and for years no competitor was able to offer so much personalisation as standard. The rear-engined versions accompanied mankind right through to the late eighties before being replaced by a banal front-engined, front-wheel drive vehicle that was no different from its competitors.
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Until now a comprehensive history of Moto Morini, a racing and road-going motorcycle manufacturer founded in the second half of the ’30s, had yet to be written. Anyway, the activity of Alfonso Morini goes back to the ’20s when, together with Mario Mazzetti, a great fan of the two wheels and excellent technician, he gave birth to another famous marque, the MM, lately left by Morini (1937) to found a firm under his own family name.The celebrated Italian marque is now about to enjoy a second, or perhaps even a third youth, following its latest relaunch. This book tells the story of the company from its origins to the present day, tackling the industrial and sporting issues as well as engineering matters thanks to the technical expertise of the author Massimo Clarke. The text is supported by a vast archive of largely unpublished images made available by the company itself.

LA MASERATI DI BOLOGNA: i luoghi dove è nato il mito del Tridente. Storie fatti aneddoti

Foreword by Alfieri Maserati.

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