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Grazie a un'iconografia insolita e una fedele descrizione dei diversi modelli, l'autore disegna un ritratto non solo della moto con motore a quattro t...
Manufacturer: Etai
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Motobecane is the moped that has conquered the world with its fourteen million units produced, but it is also a range of motorcycles equipped with four-stroke engines. Thanks to an unusual iconography and a faithful description of the different models, the author draws a portrait not only of the bikes built in Pantin, but also of the daily life of the French during the roaring twenties and thirties up to the mid-eighties.


Products specifications
Author Barrabès Patrick
Publishing Date 2019
Text French
Binding Hardbound
Pages 192
Photos 400 COL & B/W
Size cm. 25x25
ISBN 9791028303730

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