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Nascar Transporters - Enthusiast Color Series

Condition: good with light signs of its age.
Manufacturer: Motorbooks International
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This fascinating new book takes readers inside the mobile facilities that not only get the cars and tools from point A to point B, but also convert into high-tech offices and living quarters complete with the latest business and entertainment electronics, satellite dishes, bathrooms, kitchens, and sometimes even jacuzzis. Color photography depicts the high-tech gadgetry and creature comforts now common to NASCAR transporters, each of which can cost anywhere from a quarter-million to several million dollars.

Products specifications
Binding Softbound
Pages 96
Size cm. 21x23
Colour Pictures 92
B/W Pictures 6
Publishing Date 2000
Text English
Author Burt William M.
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A 352 pages monography illustrating the Lancia Gr.6 spider, that raced during the 1982 WEC (World Endurance Championship) season only with great drivers (Patrese, Alboreto, Teo and Corrado Fabi, Nannini, Heyer, Stommelen and Ghinzani). It came so close to winning the World Drivers Title with Riccardo Patrese. This car, better known as the LC/1, is a little bit forgotten but was a valid Lancia basis-project for the next LC/2. Over 200 pictures (color and black/white) and over 100 new drawings inside (made in the absence of some of the original designs).

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