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This book brings together the world champions (Loeb, Ogier, Auriol), the vice-champions (Michèle Mouton, Fréquelin, Delecour) and almost all those who have won one or more world rallies (Panizzi, Ragnotti, Saby, Darniche, Andruet, Nicolas, Thérier, etc.) since the creation of the championship in 1973. 

There are also drivers from the previous period, those who have won one or more events of the heroic era when the rallies were spread over several thousand kilometers on crazy roads such as the Coupe des Alpes, Liège-Rome-Liège or the Tour de France. Let's think of Jean Rolland or Bernard Consten. 

This book traces in detail the victorious careers of all these exceptional French champions, but also attempts to tell many anecdotes about their personalities!

Products specifications
Publishing Date 2020
Text French
Binding Hardbound
Pages 192
Photos 250 COL & B/W
Size cm. 24x29
Author Lecesne Enguerrand
ISBN 9791028304362

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