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Storie e racconti dei protagonisti che hanno reso grande la corsa più famosa del mondo
Manufacturer: Studio Gianluca Ferrini
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The Paris-Dakar, the legendary race wanted by Thierry Sabine, has always been an icon of motorsport, one of those races that have entered the imagination of enthusiasts, and beyond.

Through the memories and words of the protagonists of the African editions, the book traces kilometers, problems, anecdotes, adventures and passion.

Gio Sala, Beppe Gualini, Fabio Marcaccini, Ciro De Petri, Giampiero Findanno, Claudio Torri, Claudio Terruzzi and Gigi Soldano are the protagonists who have given us their memories and their stories.

144 pages of stories embellished with images from the personal archives of the protagonists, including almost a hundred directly from the material immortalized over the years by Gigi Soldano.

The stories, the protagonists and the bikes that made the Paris-Dakar legendary.



Products specifications
Author Ferrini Gianluca
Author Bertaccini Nicolò
Publishing Date 2021
Text Italian
Binding Hardbound
Pages 162
Colour Pictures 100
Size cm. 25x30

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