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An exceptional history of this little-known Bolognese company founded by the Maserati brothers in 1947. After they had sold the rights to the Maserati...
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An exceptional history of this little-known Bolognese company founded by the Maserati brothers in 1947. After they had sold the rights to the Maserati name, the brothers created the "Officine Specializzate Costruzioni Automobili" which accounts for the "Maserati’s Revenge" portion of the subtitle. OSCA became the meeting point of some of the most famous drivers of that era and an important center of technical innovation. The brothers continued on until November of 1966, when the remaining brothers retired and assets were sold to MV Augusta. Section two is a color portfolio of OSCAs. With 352 pages and over 430 B&w and colour photos, it is large enough to present the superb photos without creating a problem on the bookshelf. Due to the abundant material, it is a book which begs for constant use and referal. The photos, most obtained from the OSCA archives, Franco Zagari, Cesare Cabianca, and Corrado Millanta, have been selected with care, documenting the entire history of OSCA. There is a section listing all drivers who ever raced an OSCA. OSCA’s technical and racing history is covered in detail and a complete catalog of all models produced from the MT4 to the last 1600 SP with detailed specification tables is included. There is a listing of all the races that OSCA cars participated in from 1948 to 1970 and most of the cars are identified by both race number and serial number, making it a very useful reference document. There is also a complete listing of serial numbers that includes details of the cars, the coachbuilder, original colors and owners’ names through the mid 1980’s.

This book is long out-of-print and we have recent confirmation from the publisher that it will never be reprinted. It is the ultimate OSCA reference and much of the information it contains is not available from any other source.

Products specifications
ISBN 978887911007/
Binding Hardbound
Pages 352
Size cm.25x28
Colour Pictures 30
B/W Pictures 407
Publishing Date 1989
Text Italian
Author Orsini Luigi
Author Zagari Franco
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