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FOREWORD BY PAOLO PININFARINA, President of Pininfarina Spa

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Pininfarina, a marque synonymous with style and elegance applied to car design, a book that surveys, for the first time, the entire output of the Turin coachbuilder, model by model.
Produced in close collaboration with the company, it draws on invaluable photographic material accompanying brief contextualising texts.
Tracing the history of Pininfarina from its origins to the present day entails reviewing some of the most iconic models in automotive history: from the numerous Ferraris bodied by the historic partner of the Maranello firm to cars such as the Cisitalia 202, the Lancia Aurelia, the Alfa Romeo Duetto and 164, the Maserati GranTurismo through to the current models born under the aegis of the Indian firm Mahindra. The book also covers the numerous Pininfarina concept cars that have written glorious pages in the history of design, raising the bar every time in terms of the excellence of the car product.


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Publishing Date 2020
Text Italian
Text English
Binding Hardbound
Pages 528
Size cm. 26x28
ISBN 9788879118095
Colour Pictures 304
B/W Pictures 515
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“Today, Zagato is a workshop where imagination is applied to reason, prowess is applied to the most diverse mechanics, where materials are chosen for their lightness, where the character of its signature has always been able, constantly through the years, to fulfil the clients' wishes". 2019 has been the year of Zagato's centenary. This book celebrates with an entirely new aproach the fascinatinf heritage of the Atelier and its vision of the future.


Last copies without dust jacket and the cover is slightly damaged.

PININFARINA 1930/2000 – ARTE E INDUSTRIA: SETTANT’ANNI Ed. speciale in pelle/Special leatherbound edition

OFFICIAL BOOK. Special limited leather-bound edition of 25 numbered copies in english (and also 25 in italian) of the Pininfarina Seventies Anniversary Book.
The history, the present, and the future of automotive design - and other types of design as well - a fascinating adventure that travels the streets and roads of the twentieth century and the new millenium. This book offers an account of Pininfarina history, from workshop to factory, to industrial group, under the aegis of innovation without ever forgetting tradition. Interviews with major figures in the world of automobiles offer a point of view that is at times surprising, a direct and varied testimonial. Sweeping through more than a thousand pictures, we see automobiles and objects, characters and events, an arc of time spanning nearly a century, crowded with successes. A vivid and unusual monographic work exploring the society, industrial history, and creativity of the last century.
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