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PORSCHE RUF - THE LIMITED ONE (due volumi in cofanetto)

A unique 2 part-book about life and work of Alois Ruf.  Part 1 : Alois and friends. The tantalising story of Alois Ruf, his family, his company, his ...
Manufacturer: Waft
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A unique 2 part-book about life and work of Alois Ruf. 

  • Part 1 : Alois and friends. The tantalising story of Alois Ruf, his family, his company, his passion, his big successes and small defeats, his adventures, his vision, and a few secrets hardly anybody knew. With countless period pictures.

  • Part 2 : Yellowbird and friends. All the cars. Around 35 models, the one more performant than the other, including numerous period pictures and relevant technical details.

Products specifications
Publishing Date 2019
Text English
Binding 2 hardbound volumes with slipcase
Pages 520
Colour Pictures hundreds
Size cm. 30x30
Author Leanerts Bart
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