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Abarth La Renaissance

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The book “Abarth La Renaissance” is a publication that tells the story of the Abarth brand, with particular attention to its rebirth in the 1990s, when the brand was brought back into the limelight thanks to the production of new sports models based on Fiat cars. The book provides a complete overview of the history of Abarth, from its origins as a manufacturer of car accessories to its acquisition by the Fiat Group.

The text is organized chronologically, and each section focuses on a specific historical period, presenting the most important Abarth cars of that period and their evolution over the years. The book contains a lot of technical information and photographs, which allow you to deepen your knowledge of the models and their characteristics.

Furthermore, the text analyzes Abarth’s marketing strategy in that period and its collaboration with other car manufacturers for the production of new models.

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