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Alfa Romeo Prototipi 1948–1962 (Set di 2 volumi)



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In times past, leading Alfa Romeo engineers were also great motorsports enthusiasts. Although they were presumably fully occupied with development of the firm’s production cars, in the years between 1948 and 1962 they nevertheless managed to create some spectacular sports prototypes. Many of these were created in close cooperation with outside firms.

Alfa Romeo Prototipi 1948–1962 consists of two volumes, totaling 600 pages: 

  • “Alfa Romeo Prototipi 1948–1962 – Volume 1”, 300 pages, 311 black and white photos and 28 colour photos 
  • “Alfa Romeo Prototipi 1948–1962 – Volume 2”, 300 pages, 302 black and white photos und 49 colour photos

This work contains information about the following vehicles:

6C 2500 Competizione; 6C 3000 Competizione, Disco Volante 3000, Disco Volante 2000, 3000 CM, 3000 PR, 1900 Sport, 2000 Sportiva, Giulietta Spider Tipo 750G Monoposto, 750 Competizione Alfa Romeo – Abarth 1100, Alfa Romeo – Abarth 1000, Conrero Sport 1150, Giulietta GT, Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica, Conrero Alfa Romeo, Sport Spider Colli, Pininfarina Giulietta Speciale 2 Posti Aerodinamica.

Stefano Agazzi, former director of the “Automobilismo Storico Alfa Romeo”, and Alessandro Rigoni, who for years maintained the vehicles in the Alfa Romeo Museum, permitted access to the cars in the museum and unreservedly shared their knowledge. Dr. Marco Fazio, former director of the company archives, the “Automobilismo Storico Alfa Romeo – Centro Documentazione”, made available a variety of very interesting documents and informative photos showing many of the vehicles after they were damaged, often severely, in races or test sessions. The majority of the photographs presented in the book have not been previously released.

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