Alfa Romeo Tavole In Cartoncino “Raffaello”. 1° Serie / Tables In Paper “Raffaello”. 1St Series

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Portfolio with 7 colour prints, cm.32×23, portraiting the following Alfa cars: 12 HP-15 HP e 15/20 HP 1910-15 Alfa Coachbuilder 24 HP e 20/30 HP 1910-20 Alfa Coachbuilder RL SPORT e SUPER SPORT 1922-27 Castagna Coachbuilder P2 1924-30 Alfa Coachbuilder 6C 1750 SUPER SPORT e GRAN SPORT 1929-33 Zagato Coachbuilder 8C 2900 b 1937-39 Touring Coachbuilder 159 1950-51 Alfa Coachbuilder Limited edition of 709 pieces, the drawings are ready to be framed.

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Alfa Romeo


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