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Dino Compendium 206GT 246GT 246GTS

Guide to the development of individual models Dino 206 GT, 246 GT and 246 GTS – Limited Edition 1,000 books



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This book categorizes the road vehicles Ferrari Dino 206 GT / 246 GT / 246 GTS and documents the differences between each series, highlights their original features, and points out their unique Pininfarina design. All topics have been extensively researched and are well documented in cases of contentious issues. On 420 pages, divided into 17 chapters and with the help of 772 illustrations, no questions concerning the first road-approved mid-engine Ferrari vehicle are left unanswered. None of Ferrari’s vehicle types has ever been described as meticulously or has been presented as attractively as in this publication. Yet the book does address itself not only to owners of a Dino and expert audiences but – with its fabulous illustrations of one of the most beautiful ever built sports cars of all times – will impress all readers with a general interest in automobiles.

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Hardbound with box set
711 COL and B/W
Italian cars, Specials, Vintage cars
Newsletter #197.

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