Driven by Dreams. 75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars

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The official book on occasion of the 75th Porsche anniversary!

Looking back at more than 75 years of making sports cars: Ferdinand „Ferry“ Porsche could hardly foresee this kind of success, when he sent his first car into the streets on 8th June 1948: the 356 „No. 1“ Roadster. On occasion of the anniversary this de luxe edition gives us valuable information and tells us suspenseful and entertaining stories from more than seven decades of Porsche. Moreover we will hear from those who worked hard to make the success come true.

Classic, special model or sports car: this illustrated book takes us through the Porsche history and, while leafing through, allows us to look at the changes the famous carmaker went through.

  • From the first Porsche to the Taycan: Automobile milestones from 75 years of Porsche history
  • Ferdinand Porsche, family & fans: Backgrounds and facts of the people behind the brand
  • From Formula 1 to Porsche Cup: Porsche sports cars in the flashlight!
  • With breathtaking photos from Porsche photographer Stefan Bogner
  • Formidable Porsche book: A fine high-quality gift for oldtimer fans and Porsche enthusiasts

Whether 356, 911 or Boxster: Driving Porsche is not just moving from a to b. The Zuffenhausen sports cars embody a unique awarenes of life: of freedom, passion and individuality. Legendary models were historic milestones in automobile history.

Numerous photographs, curated by Munich photographer and designer Stefan Bogner, depict the steps of the company’s history from the 1950s until today, perfectly stageing classic cars and rare models. The extravagant design and fine cover make the book a high-quality gift for every Porsche fan.

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