Ferrari Annuario/Official Yearbook 1989. Testo Italiano/Italian Text

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The book “Ferrari Annuario/Official Yearbook 1989” is a work of great value for enthusiasts of the Italian car manufacturer.

The book features a hard cover and elegant graphics, with numerous high-quality color photographs showing the 1989 Ferrari cars, both on the track and on the road. The text is written in Italian, but there is also an English version.

The content of the book is very varied and covers all aspects of Ferrari in 1989, from Formula 1 racing to road cars, from technical specifications to images of Ferrari drivers of the time. The book is also enriched by interviews and comments of the protagonists of those years, including the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari.

“Ferrari Annuario/Official Yearbook 1989” is a real encyclopaedia dedicated to the most famous Italian car manufacturer in the world. The book represents a work of great value, full of detailed information, high quality photographs and testimonies of the protagonists of the time.

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hundreds COL and B/W
Car track racing, Italian cars, Races on roads, Racing car, Vintage cars, Yearbooks
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