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Fiat Ritmo La Rivoluzionaria/The Revolutionary


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A breath of technical, stylistic, production methods but also socio-cultural innovation: the Ritmo is the first contemporary Fiat and the car of records. It ended the difficult 70s and paved the way for the triumphs of the 80s by introducing robots in the factory, the structural use of plastics, revolutionizing the living space in the cockpit, becoming the first and only medium car to be the best seller in front to 127 and Panda, dusting off the iconic Abarth brand, also capable of obtaining significant successes in racing. Bertone wanted to make it chic and flirtatious by removing the roof.

This book is a tribute to a car, for years mistreated and considered “an ugly duckling”, which the history of motoring has a duty to rediscover and make it the object of study to bring to light the extraordinary innovative charge and the revolutionary scope of its project.

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