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Ford’s Competition Cars Boreham Cologne Dearborn

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“Ford’s Competition Cars: Boreham Cologne Dearborn” is a book that focuses on the history of competition cars produced by Ford. The work offers a detailed overview of the racing cars produced in three different Ford locations: Boreham in England, Cologne in Germany and Dearborn in the United States.

The book presents a series of vintage images, technical drawings and photographs that tell the story of Ford racing cars, with particular attention to their sporting successes and the technological innovations that made them so competitive.

In addition, “Ford’s Competition Cars” features a series of interviews and testimonials from key figures in the motoring world who have contributed to Ford’s success in motor racing.

The work is well structured and easy to read, with particular attention to technical details and the history of Ford racing cars. The book is enriched by period images, photographs and technical drawings showing the cars in action and the people who drove them.

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American cars, Car track racing, Races on roads, Racing car, Rally
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