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Formula Ferrari 1948-2002

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Ferrari is the only team in the world to have taken part in all 50 editions of the World F1 Championship. “FORMULA FERRARI” is a meticulous reconstruction of half-a-century of motorsport competition, through the history of the single-seater cars that have defended the Prancing Horse colours from 1948 to 2002. The technical characteristics of each Ferrari car, together with the modifications made to the basic model, are analysed in detail, and the motorsport “history” of each Ferrari car is reconstructed. The technical descriptions, the list of modifications and the sporting history of each car are written in a language that is easy to follow: the average motorsport fan or the competent expert will find all the answers in “FORMULA FERRARI”. Another aspect of this major publication is the technical drawings. Paolo D’Alessio, who has followed F1 Grand Prixs as a technical journalist for over 20 years, has produced cutaway drawings of all the single-seater cars from the Maranello factory. These make up a total of 49 plates, as well as more than 150 drawings of technical details.No other publication contains such a unique documentation of Ferrari cars. The author, who himself shot many of the photographs contained in the book, carried out accurate research to insert the most emblematic and spectacular photographs into this volume, These images are the work of some of the best photographers in the business in 50 years of motorsport competition.

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Italiano, Inglese
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Formula One
Collectible, Newsletter #200.

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