Galassi Alberto, Novelli Rossano

Il Circuito del Savio 1923-1927

Between History and Legend, the first Victory of Enzo Ferrari as a Car Driver.



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One hundred years ago, the first edition of the Circuito del Savio took place on the streets around Ravenna, a motorcycle and automotive event that ignited the passion for motors throughout the Romagna region. The Circuito del Savio, whose name derives from the double crossing of the river with the same name, was a 44.600 km. track with straights inviting high speeds, broken up by narrow sharp bends, where the qualities of the mechanical vehicle and the driver were put to a hard test.

In this highly illustrated volume, the history of the first 5 editions, with the roll of honor of the participants, the most salient moments of each event and the profile of the car and motorbike drivers who stood out.

A work full of documents and photos of the time of great interest for motor sport enthusiasts.

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140 foto e illustrazioni


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