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LAMBO in fretta e Furia. L’ultima F1 di Mauro Forghieri

Foreword by Carlo Cavicchi



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The majority of Formula One fans ask themselves, before and after each Grand Prix, how to create a competitive single-seater and how to manage it inside their garage… The author of this book was lucky to be able to discover it up close, held by the hand of one of the greatest designers of the seventies (and beyond): Mauro Forghieri, known to all as “Furia”. They are linked by a project with a short yet evocative name: “Lambo 291”.

This book traces its incredible history. From the continuous journalistic criticism to the construction phase, moving from the blank sheet of paper to the car on the track, from the initial tests to participation in the F1 World Championship. All in the space of three years between planning, tests and participation. A fascinating and incredibly short adventure, which took place in a historical moment that saw the arrival of the first computers and new technologies that also revolutionized the world of racing. The Lambo was the last single-seater designed by engineer Forghieri, but its legend continues to leave a mark on the minds and hearts of four-wheel enthusiasts to this day.

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