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Le Alfa Romeo Di Vittorio Jano

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Vittorio Jano, designer of high-performance automobiles, is the man who more than any other has contributed to defining the vocation of Alfa Romeo and marking its glorious future.
Called to Alfa Romeo in 1923, he contributed to the design of cars that left an indelible mark on the history of the automobile. Among these, perhaps its most important creation, for the brand’s industrial developments, is the 6C 1500, a fast and light car that demonstrated the possibility of mass-producing efficient vehicles with high-performance and small-capacity engines. If this brand, which has become a legend, still walks the streets of the world, it is due to the heart and intuitions of Vittorio Jano and to the collaboration of those like him, perhaps unacknowledged, who participated in making many technical hypotheses concrete.
This substantial book includes a general catalog of all the cars designed by Vittorio Jano up to 1938, the year of his departure from Alfa Romeo, enriched by beautiful archive images, reproductions of original drawings and related technical data sheets.
The book opens with an essay by Luigi Fusi, a former collaborator of Jano as a draftsman-planner and one of the greatest historians of the Milanese Marca. Finally follows an interview that in the summer of 1964 Jano gave, still very lucid, to the American journalist and historian Griffith Borgeson.

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