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Le Corse Della Dolce Vita Quando Si Sognava A Bordo Pista – Copia Firmata Dall’Autore! / Signed Copy By The Author!




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Between 1950 and 1970, the motor car became a symbol of freedom and success. An irresistible vortex that led the most adventurous to race and the masses to dream. The future was rosy, agriculture gave way to industry, the young were determined to change the world and anything seemed possible. Suddenly the dream became a nightmare and everything changed. In racing as in life.That unforgettable era of motor racing saw businessmen, gentleman drivers, directors, playboys and, of course, champions of boundless charisma take to the scene, characters who wrote unforgettable chapters of social and sporting history, their lives and destinies intertwined, in certain cases through to the ultimate sacrifice.Gianni Agnelli, Enzo Ferrari, Giannino e Paolo Marzotto, Stirling Moss, Gianni Lancia, Giovanni Volpi, Giotto Bizzarrini and Gianni Bulgari are just a few of the protagonists of this book. This now lost world re-emerges from the mists of time through a rich and passionate story told by Danilo Castellarin.

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COL and B/W
Car races
Giorgio Nada Editore., Signed copy

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