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Mala Cars: Sporche Storie Di Alfa Romeo



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Nine stories of nine Alphas, plus an appendix dedicated to the Alfettas driven by the worst prison scraps in the world. Stories where the protagonist is a car that really existed, with license plates, witness or actress of events where reality has nothing to ask from the imagination. We have not bothered the imagination. Alfa Romeos are like this: they are with order and disorder; cars that have served good, often evil too. Like few others, they tell intriguing stories of engines, of course, but above all of men and women. You question them and they tell you how they went through the history of Italy. They reveal to you, narrative objects, their vicissitudes: criminal and cursed, murky, dark, mysterious; but also sympathetically mischievous, or mischievous. In one word: Malacars!

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