Blunsden John, Brinton Alan, Cotton Michael, Gordon David, Taylor Murray, Teague John

Motor Racing Year 1976 Edition

Book from a private collection, in excellent general condition, with slight signs of aging on the cover and yellowed pages.



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“Motor Racing Year” is a series of books covering the major categories of motorsport, including Formula 1. Each edition of the book features detailed race reports as well as driver and team interviews.

“Motor Racing Year 1976 Edition” is a book that recounts the Formula 1 season of that year, characterized by strong competition between the teams, with Ferrari winning the constructors’ title while Niki Lauda won the drivers’ title on Ferrari. Furthermore, the 1975 Formula 1 season was an important year in the history of motorsport and also saw the first victory of a Brazilian driver in Formula 1, with Emerson Fittipaldi winning the British Grand Prix.

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Car track racing, Formula One, Le Mans, Yearbooks

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