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Nelson Piquet. Il talento, l’astuzia



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Nelson Piquet was and will remain a unique driver in the history of F1. Not because he was the best of all – the records belong to others – rather because today there could be no one else like him.

His light-hearted way of presenting himself, the spontaneity in expressing his thoughts even at the expense of the criticism of others, marked his way of identifying. Like it or not, Piquet had no awe and was not muzzled by etiquette. Something that today, in F1 governed by political correctness, would never be possible. Public opinion of the third millennium would immediately pillory such a character. In the media he knew how to sell himself very well and the interviews on the starting line-up with Ezio Zermiani still remain unrepeatable gems. Yet, to counteract this innate irreverence and apparent superficiality, there was an extremely talented driver.

In short, a unique character that needs to be rediscovered as he deserves.

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