Austen Jorg, Walter Sigmund

Porsche 911 Evoluzione E Tecnica Dal 1963 A Oggi

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It has been part of motoring history for more than 40 years, becoming an absolute icon for more than a generation. It is the 911, the Porsche par excellence, a car that has already entered the category of the classics of a distant 1963, when it appeared with the ‘pseudonym’ 901. To tell its story, model for model, its technical evolution from its origins to today are Joerg Austen, for many years the Porsche man in the gearbox development department, and writer Sigmund Walter, who has a profound knowledge of the celebrated German marque. For each of the versions that have appeared over the years, there is a brief introductive history to highly detailed technical specifications that contribute to making this work an instrument of indispensable consultation for collectors, restorers and enthusiastic ‘Porschisti’.

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