Profumo Di Alfa. Numero 11 Anno 2 (Sett-Ott 2023)



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With the wind in your hair

There is no doubt, an Alfa Romeo spider is something extraordinary, much more than a simple object. It’s like owning a piece of history, and driving it is a unique experience, capable of making us discover the world in a special and unforgettable way. For this reason, in this issue of Profumo di Alfa which greets the summer of 2023, we have published two of them, the 2000 Spider and the Giulietta Spider, almost the same age but with different destinies. And then there is it, the Alfa 6, the flagship from an era in which it was better not to be too noticed, but under the bonnet, away from prying eyes, a powerful six-cylinder heart beat.

20 years after the death of Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni, son of the founder of Carrozzeria Touring in Milan, we offer you an extensive service dedicated to the history of this company which made elegance and refinement, combined with aerodynamic efficiency its philosophy, “dressing” the most beautiful Alfa Romeos from the 1930s until its closure in 1966. Stories and characters could not be missing, such as the 2000 GT Veloce that made its voice heard by the man who followed his passion and today creates model cars so refined that they are used as the basis for restore the real ones. Finally, your cars, dear readers, who remind us that being the owner of a vintage Alfa Romeo means belonging to a special family, made up of heart and passion for driving. It’s like being part of a large community of four-wheel lovers, a family that recognizes each other at a glance, aware of being the custodians of an extraordinary history.

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Alfa Romeo


cm. 23×30
hundreds COL and B/W


Italian cars, Sport cars

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