Profumo Di Alfa. Numero 12 Anno 2 (Nov-Dic 2023)



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Two years have passed since the first issue of Profumo di Alfa. And all this was possible thanks to you, fans of the legendary Alfa Romeos, who have supported us up until today. And now, let’s talk about the juicy content of the issue you have in your hands.

Let’s start with a dive into the past, examining project 105, i.e. the legendary Giulia 1300, comparing the first and last series. We also have the Junior Z 1300 directly from the Fratelli Cozzi Museum and the Alfasud Giardinetta, the first station wagon mass-produced by the Casa del Biscione. There is also the spirited 146 1.8 Twin Spark 16 valve. And what about the old Formula 3 and its descendants? We are sure that you will also be interested in curiosities about the post-war history of Alfa Romeo, with little-known but fascinating productions. And then, let’s talk about Alfas with propellers, their adventures in powerboating and the driver who still makes them win today. There is also the story of the restoration of a rare model of an 8C Touring from the 1970s, which is now as good as new. Oh, and let’s not forget those who collect Alfa catalogs and brochures… who among you doesn’t have at least one at home? And of course, we also tell you about the rallies that close the 2023 season in style.

Finally, in this special issue, we pay homage to the great Nanni Galli, four years after his death. Thanks again for your continued support and passion for Alfa Romeos and happy reading.

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Alfa Romeo


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