Rallycourse 1985-1986 Vol.4

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“Rallycourse 1985-1986” is a book documenting the 1985-1986 rally season through photographs, statistics, technical data on the cars used and race reports.

The book is divided into sections that follow the rally championship calendar, with a particular focus on the most important races such as the Monte Carlo Rally and the Sanremo Rally. Each section presents an overview of the race, results and standings. In addition, the book contains interviews with the drivers and team members, which offer an in-depth look at the strategies and challenges faced during the season.

Numerous black and white and color photographs throughout the book capture the excitement and action of the races.

“Rallycourse 1985-1986” is a well-researched book written in a clear and engaging way. It offers a comprehensive insight into the 1985-1986 rally season and the world of road racing in general. The book is a great choice for anyone interested in the world of rallying and its history.

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