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Roger Williamson. A Collection of Memories from Friends, Mechanics, Rivals and Family

Introduction by David Tremayne



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For an all too brief time in the early 1970s, Roger Williamson was one of the hottest properties in motor racing. He would start only two Grands Prix, but those who saw him throughout his career were left in no doubt of his calibre and potential. Roger’s controversial death during the 1973 Dutch Grand Prix cast a long shadow over the sport, with the era’s shortcomings regarding safety never more obvious.

This book is a celebration of the brilliant Leicestershire driver’s life, 50 years on from the tragic events of Zandvoort. Small in stature, but a giant in terms of ability, he is remembered by an array of those closest to him. These include Dave Brodie, Mike Walker, Simon Taylor, Ian Phillips, Mike Pilbeam, Nick Jordan, Trevor Foster, Tony Kitchiner, Vern Schuppan, Mike Earle and Andrew Marriott.

The Foreword has been penned by Kevin Wheatcroft, son of Tom Wheatcroft. Roger and Tom formed one of the closest partnerships seen in racing, and had great plans for the future at the time of Roger’s death. The memories of those who knew Roger paint a picture of a fiercely determined young man, but full of good humour and a joy to be around. He is undoubtedly one of Formula One’s greatest lost talents.

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