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Rover 800 Series

Book from a private collection, in excellent general condition except for some small cracks in the dust jacket.


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“The Rover 800 would never have existed without the experience of the Triumph Acclaim and the Rover 200. But neither would the Honda Legend, which is the first Honda car in this category” This sentence, which appears in the official documentation relating to the new car, summarizes the entire evolution of a process through which a project was developed which was destined to represent a fundamental moment in the history of the Rover Group.

The book describes the history and evolution of this famous car series, from the first versions of 1986 until its production exit in 1999. The text is well organized and offers a wealth of information on the Rover 800 Series, including the technical specifications, design features and technological innovations introduced by the British car manufacturer.

The book is illustrated with numerous color and black and white photos showing the various versions of the Rover 800 Series, both sedans and coupés. The images are of high quality and contribute to making the book even more interesting.

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Collectible, Newsletter #201.

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