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STEFAN BELLOF L’ultima curva – Signed Copy By The Author!

FOREWORD by PAOLO CICCARONE, journalist and director of Motorsport at Radio Monte Carlo

– Signed Copy By The Author!



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Stefan Bellof was a figure of note on the motor racing scene of the Eighties, despite passing away in 1985.
Within the space of just a few years he displayed such talent and courage that he is still remembered today, almost 40 years after his death.
This book retraces his career, from his first outings in karts and then the minor categories, through to when he was crowned World Champion with the Sports Prototypes in 1984, at the wheel of the Porsche 956. Above all, the book introduces us to his private life, revealing a fascinating and multi-faceted personality.
A character who would take racing seriously, but otherwise loved to laugh and joke.
A man who left us all too soon, leaving a sense of something incomplete among his many admirers who nonetheless remember him for that fantastic lap record at the Nürburgring and for that wonderful performance in the rain soaked 1984 Formula 1 Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

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