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The Archaelogical Automobile: Understanding And Living With Historical Automobiles



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In the last one hundred years, cars have shaped our lives. Other everyday cultural artifacts, such as watches, telephones, musical instruments, and televisions, have certainly had influence, but the car is by far the most significant. Now, change is coming for the car, as it is for so many other industrial artifacts. Once, cars were distinct machines. Now, they are evolving intomultifunctional digital devices. New fuels, new modes of travel, and new technologies are disrupting the traditional role of the much-loved family car. What is to become of this material legacy? Should we really let go of it? Without memory, personal and shared, we lose our way, our individuality, and our culture. This proposition is at the heart of The Archaeological Automobile. Miles C. Collier’s landmark approach uses an “archaeological mindset” to interpret the automobile as a cultural artefact in six themes: The Development of the Automobile The Rise of the Collectible Automobile The Archaeological Mindset Collecting and the Archaeological Automobile Restoring the Archaeological Automobile The Archaeological Automobile of the Future Filled with engaging stories and practical examples, this is a handbook of the most thoughtful practices, not just for automobile owners and the historical car industry, but for collectors, professionals, and users of all kinds of industrial era artifacts.

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