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Tracceologia Forense degli Pneumatici negli Incidenti Stradali e negli Eventi Criminosi



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The work aims to offer a valid practical-operational support to those who are professionally appointed to reconstruct road accidents and criminal events, not only with kineto-dynamics, but also through the study of forensic traceology and tire footprints on the ground.

A more unique than rare text, accompanied by numerous photos, illustrations and graphs, where complex formulas and rigorous calculations are not found, but simply describes everything that is practical, logical and intuitive. It can be used as a working tool, by Forensic Experts and Investigators, Road Accident Reconstructors, Insurance Experts, Judicial and Administrative Police Operators, Scientific Police, Law Enforcement, Civil Lawyers and Criminal Lawyers specialized in road accidents and events criminals, Public Prosecutors, Magistrates, Justices of the Peace, Students in Investigative Sciences.

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