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Un Sogno Su Quattro Ruote – Dieci Alfa Romeo Fra Cronaca Tecnica e Leggenda

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“A Dream on Four Wheels and Ten Alfa Romeos Between Technical Chronicle and Legend” is a book by Luca Grandori published in 1990 by the Alfa Romeo publishing house. The book is a fascinating and detailed chronicle of ten of the most important cars produced by the Milanese car manufacturer.

The book is divided into ten chapters, one for each car. Each chapter begins with a brief historical overview of the car, followed by a detailed technical description. The text is enriched by numerous photographs, which illustrate the car from all its angles.

The cars covered in the book are:

  • HP 24 (1914-1920): Alfa Romeo’s first competition car, which won numerous races, including the Targa Florio and the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • P2 (1924–1926): the car that dominated the world racing car championship in 1925 and 1926
  • 6C 1750 (1927-1934): the car that made Alfa Romeo famous throughout the world, thanks to its performance and elegant design
  • 6C 2500 (1930-1938): the car that represented the pinnacle of luxury and refinement for Alfa Romeo
  • 1900 (1933-1941): the car that started the series production of Alfa Romeo
  • Giulietta (1954-1965): the car that marked an era, thanks to its sporty design and reliable mechanics
  • TZ 33 (1962-1965): the racing car that won numerous races, including the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Alfetta (1972-1987): the car that revolutionized the concept of the sports sedan
  • 164 (1987-1998): Alfa Romeo’s first car with front engine and front wheel drive

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