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The life of a great personality in the Italian industry and in the Alfa Romeo factory in particolar. A skilful, determined, pragmatic man, capable of combining an uncommon foresight with an even less common International views of the economy. And of the world. Extraordinary archival documents, unpublished images and fragments of history give life to a unique and precious volume.

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Binding Hardbound
Pages 320
Size cm. 22x29
B/W Pictures centinaia
Publishing Date 2014
Text Italian
Text English
Author Ardizio Lorenzo
Author D'Amico Stefano
ISBN 9788890818929
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Established in Milan in 1922, Sertum was one of the most dynamic and important Italian motorcycle manufacturers of its day. Fausto Alberti decided to add the even more demanding design and construction of motorbikes to his existing production of precision mechanics, which had been his business for some time. The notoriety of Sertums grew rapidly in the early Thirties, due to the Batua, 175 Utilitaria and 250 models, as well as the production three-wheel goods and other vehicles. Sertum soon achieved success in sport, too, especially in regularity events. Two years before the company closed in 1952, it developed an innovative 125 cc light motorcycle, but the machine went into production. The prestigious author Mario Colombo put his beloved Guzzi to one side in order to write his passionate, short but intense story of Sertum bikes, based on his careful reconstruction of the facts and systematic cataloguing of the various models, supported by rare illustrations of the period. The book also offers useful advice on the restoration of the machines.
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Picture of Fondocorsa. Mille Miglia 1954. L'oro nero di Alberto Ascari.

Fondocorsa. Mille Miglia 1954. L'oro nero di Alberto Ascari.

Prefazione di Diego Abatantuono.


The complete story of the Italian car industry with a special emphasis on Fiat Company from the end of 1800 up to 1956, packed with archival pictures and vintage advertising posters on Fiat models.
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AUTODELTA of Umberto Feletto was an extremely important enterprise, both in technological and in human terms. Like a meteor it illuminated for one intense but fleeting moment the world of labour in the Friuli, a world which, during the years of the Italian economic miracle, was struggling to emerge. The Italian Team with its international sporting successes, brought the name of the Friuli and of Udine to the attention of the world, but when it reached the height of success, just like a meteor it dissolved and its fragments were reabsorbed int othe car-making world that had generated it. Forty years on its memory is still alive, a fine memory of when we were all younger.

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