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The authors tell the story of a boy born in 1900, who adores engines: Ezio Berné. He barracked for Tazio Nuvolari and to a fate’s joke he ran with one...
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The authors tell the story of a boy born in 1900, who adores engines: Ezio Berné. He barracked for Tazio Nuvolari and to a fate’s joke he ran with one of his cars, Alfa Romeo 1750, in a short agonistic season, interrupted by the Second World War. At those days there wasn’t specialization. You left from home with the car to reach the fields of the competition and then after the race again for home, with or without trophies in the boot. A goliardic world that today doesn’t exist any more, where the word friendship had still its full meaning. One ran for love of adventure, to have some fun and for the pleasure to be together. This is a true story where memories and anecdotes, that are indelibly impressed in the protagonist’s mind, re-emerge. Through short and fluent chapters we retrace some most important stops that show the car racing, from Mille Miglia to Targa Florio, from Enzo Ferrari to Achille Varzi, from Tazio Nuvolari to Gabriele D’Annunzio. In this work there is also the rebuilding with the same precision and enthusiasm of big speed-engine designing events of international and local importance, remembering always the subject of the story that, like a film, bases itself on the two main characters: Ezio Berné and Alfa Romeo 1750.
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Binding Softbound
Pages 152
Size cm. 17x24
B/W Pictures 138
Publishing Date 2004
Text Italian
Author Ogliari Giacomo
Author Ventura Piero
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Perché l’Alfa Romeo è tornata al centro della scena automobilistica italiana, nel pieno della crisi Fiat? Sarà il marchio leader del cosiddetto polo del lusso? A queste e a molte altre domande prova a rispondere l’autore, raccontando la personalità, il valore e l’evoluzione della marca, attraverso una narrazione vivace e articolata e l’analisi degli eventi storici, delle vicende aziendali, fino alla cronaca più recente. Un libro che apre una finestra sul mondo dell’industria automobilistica, sulle sue "leggi" e sui suoi risvolti indiscreti e meno noti, talvolta del tutto inediti.
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