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QUESTIONE DI POLSO: Come si guida una moto da competizione

Is it possible to improve your motorcycle riding ability by finding out all the secrets and tricks of the trade needed to do so in a book? Reading “Qu...
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Is it possible to improve your motorcycle riding ability by finding out all the secrets and tricks of the trade needed to do so in a book? Reading “Questione di Polso” by Keith Code, author of a number of books on the subject, suggests it is. The book appeared in English under the title “A Twist of the Wrist” and was enormously successful, so much so that it was translated into various languages. Now finally published in Italian, the book teaches – and shows with a long series of illustrations – how to aspire to a sporty ride on road and track in total safety. Moving from the concept that perfect control and stability of a motorbike depends in particular on how you use your right wrist, Code explains step-by-step how to detect the best trajectory to take on straights and in corners, how to stay anchored to the bike, how to free yourself of it as quickly as possible in the case of a fall, how to steer or always keep an eye on what’s happening behind you. A real guidebook, an indispensible instrument for any rider who wants to take his bike to the limit with a good head on his shoulders.

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Binding Softbound
Pages 144
Size cm. 20x26
Photos 60 COL e B/N
Publishing Date 2014
Text Italian
Author Code Keith
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This “guide to riding a motorbike”, written many years ago, by engineer Gaetano Cocco, was aimed at a disparate public, people who had never previously ridden such a machine, young motorcyclists with a great deal of enthusiasm, veterans and for motorcycle technical enthusiasts. A guided tour that enables even the most demanding and well-prepared readers to find that technical support and notions fundamental to knowing the motorbike and its components. Specific designs and illustrations provide an immediate view of the subject, which crops up from time to time. Today, this historic book has been given its first concrete update with the addition of three chapters devoted to, respectively, electronics applied to the two-wheel world, electric motorcycles and vehicles that oscillate between three and four wheels.
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This updated edition of the book is enhanced by an in-depth examination of the reassembly of the crankcase and two new chapters dedicated to the final drive and the spark plugs. A guide of fundamental importance for those who want to “get their hands dirty” around their classic bikes.


From the cooperation between ASD Laverda Corse and Fondazione Vajenti, was born a stunning photographic book, in big size containing the best advertising images of Laverda 750-cc motorcycles from Vajenti archives (Moto Laverda’s official photographer and advertising agency). The book traces through images the evolution of the model Laverda 750 twin,from the first 650-cc to the production racer SFC. The images are accompanied by many capions explaining all the main features and peculiarity of each model. You will find also two interviews to Piero Laverda and Carlo Vajenti.Piero Laverda traces all the historical aspects connected to the birthand development of the “750-cc project” in MotoLaverda, beeing himself directly involved in that project. Carlo Vajenti racalls his memories about the collaboration of his photographic studio with Moto Laverda and theshots he tookto eachbike. A great book to add to your motorsport library!


This very practical manual deals with the main topics of bodywork operations, from tools to preparation procedures to vehicle polishing. In addition, hints on light sheet metal are also included.

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