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School car of a generation of champions, the Gordini remains an automotive legend to this day and continues to arouse the admiration of many devotees.

Régie Renault unleashed a real bombshell in October 1964 when he presented the R8 Gordini at the Auto Show and this book offers a comprehensive overview of its racing career. It retraces the cars entered by Régie Renault and all the adventures of amateur drivers, both the epic of the Gordini Cup and the feats completed on Finnish ice or on African roads. Everything is embellished with rare photographs and testimonies of those who "lived" the Gordini in its period of maximum splendor.

Products specifications
Author Lecesne Enguerrand
Publishing Date 2020
Text French
Binding Hardbound
Pages 176
Photos 300 COL & B/N
Size cm. 25x25
ISBN 9791028304232

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