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Portraits of Chris Amon, Derek Bell, Peter Gethin, Dan Gruney, Denis Hulme, Bill Ivy, Jackie Stewart and many other bigs of car racing.
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Portraits of Chris Amon, Derek Bell, Peter Gethin, Dan Gruney, Denis Hulme, Bill Ivy, Jackie Stewart and many other bigs of car racing.

Condition of the second-hand book: good inside, good the cover but the dust jacket is damaged.

Products specifications
Publishing Date 1971
Text German
Binding Hardbound
Pages 144
B/W Pictures 80
Size cm. 23x29
Author von Frankenberd Richard
Author von Frankenberd Richard
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"What would you do if you were in a car with the President of the Chamber Boldrini"? The answer is obvious for Siegfried: "I would do the driver." Psychologist, and expert pilot road safety, investigates the human soul at the wheel of a car by mixing philosophy and psychology, technical guidance and wisdom of the ancient Greeks and Romans. "Can a driver be also wise"? It must be, because security at the wheel is "A Mental Balance". Paradoxical that these psychological and philosophical reflections arrive from a Formula One driver, but this gives them a deep introspective capacity, with a simple and smooth language that blends perfectly with the pure driving technique. Siegfried Stohr, born in 1952, was a young pilot of the Italian National Karting in 1970 and 1971, then he graduated in psychology (with honors) in Padua and has worked as a psychologist in the social and health services for five years before turning to race. Italian champion of Formula 3 and Formula Italia, he ran the Formula One World Championship in 1981 with Arrows Team. Since 1982 manages the safe driving school "GuidarePilotare" which organizes driving courses for cars, motorcycles and industrial vehicles. from 2014 he is project leader for the BMW Driving Experience. A lover of philosophy and Roman history he has investigated like no other the depths of the human soul at the wheel of a car.  

LA MIA FORMULA 1 (copia firmata dall'autore Siegfried Stohr)

Siegfried Stohr, psychologist, car driver, journalist, manager of a famous school of safe driving, consultant in the reconstruction of road accidents, tells of his experiences and of the races in which he ran, winning many.


The autobiography of one of South Africa's greatest race car drivers.

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